Joshua Phillips
UX Designer

Hi, there. I am

Joshua Phillips

a UX designer

a problem solver

seeking work.

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With 12 years’ experience, I’ve launched products, brands, campaigns, and websites.
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I revel in the process and love empowering businesses and individuals to achieve their goals.
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Brand strategy, UX, and web design are my specialties. Using design & critical thinking is my nature.

Tax-document sharing, and website redesign for a Philly-based accounting firm.

Attracting 55+ affluent audience to 1M homes set in a nature preserve.

Generating more leads through a redesigned website and refocused brand positioning.

Let's talk goals.

The best way to acheive a successful project outcome is to start with the "why." My approach always begins with a conversation to understand the scope of the project, learn about the business, challenges, customers, goals & operations. Through building a shared understanding of the underlying business & user motivations for a project reveals actionable insights and areas of focus for our engagement.

Identify the problem.

In this phase, I ask as many questions a possible to uncover the root problems to solve. This often means developing a list of key users or audiences to conduct research, evaluate and validate hypotheses, and present key learnings which form the strategic foundation for the project.

Research and Planning
Users, features & metrics

My goal is to acheive win-wins. A website, product or service that surpasses business objectives, and a user that feels satified by the experience we create. It's important that we set clear goals and establish metrics to measure success. To eliminate the barriers between the user's "intention" and "goal," a content strategy is developed, including sitemaps, journey maps and content outlines. Using sketches, wireframes and prototypes, designs can be shared for review with stakeholders or testing with users.

Testing & usability
Evaluate early & often.

Feedback is critical! As we move through development, I seek to evaluate often, through testing with user groups, peers, and teams. To facilitate speedy iteration & validation I use tools such as Adobe XD and Webflow to generate visual mockups that can be shared & quickly revised as needed.

Put plans into action.

I'm able to plan, strategize, develop and execute: from start to finish. I've been involved in numerous projects at the implementation stage, from Wordpress to Webflow. My preferred development stack includes Adobe XD, Webflow CMS and Zapier. While I have my methods, being flexible & adaptable is my speciality.

Content management & next steps
Client training & support.

I love being able to provide clients easy to use tools that solve their problem, and keep them in control. That often means providing clients with clear documentation on how to manage and maintain the site after the initial launch. Additionally, I can provide ongoing support and coaching as needed.

My experience

  • Graphic Designer / Production Manager

    Shamlian Creative (2008-2014)
    • Prepared production-ready artwork.
    • Coordinated with production teams and printers to ensure high quality standards were met.
    • Designed a major online retailer's in-store & digital gift cards for North America, the UK, Germany and Japan, and contributed to the development of a new payment tool.
    • Played key role in the re-design of a major Bank’s credit card portfolio.
    • Worked closely with clients on a wide range of branding & visual identity projects.
  • Senior Visual Designer

    Shamlian Creative (2014-2018)
    • Advanced digital skillsets in web design & development, including Dreamweaver / Muse, Wordpress, Craft CMS, Adobe XD / Sketch and Webflow.
    • Implemented and managed digital marketing campaigns, reported on analytics data, designed landing pages, digital marketing & html emails.
    • Responsible for video production & editing; developed skillsets in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.
    • Collaborated and lead team on web design projects.
  • Senior Web UI / UX Designer

    Beam Brand Studio (2018-2020)
    • Worked to identify areas of business growth and differentiation within the agency.
    • Performed research about the latest UI/UX design trends.
    • Built wireframes, user flows, mockups and prototypes for web design projects.
    • Developed creative & business pitches.
    • Contributed to wide range of client projects in real estate, financial, education & hospitality.
  • Freelance UX / Web Designer (2013-2020)
    • Constructed beautiful web experiences for clients in catering, finance, and law.
    • Provided tutorial to clients on content management system.
    • Helped a local Certified Public Accounting firm with a full website redesign in Webflow & implemented a tool to provide seamless tax document sharing.

Capabilities & Skills

    • Digital Marketing

    • Responsive Prototyping

    • Critical Thinking

    • Content Management Systems

    • UX Research & Design

    • Brand Identity

    • Front End Web Design

    • Motion Graphics